SUPER WAR PET Introduction

SUPER WAR PET is an intergalactic civilizational strategy elimination metaverse game. There are 25 races of NFT characters (SW-NFT) in the game, all of which have a random combination of appearance, attributes and skills by algorithm and each one is unique. After registering an account, players can use the game’s circulating tokens ESTO & a certain number of game equity tokens SWPC to open a blind box and have the chance to obtain a race of five qualities: Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect, or they can hatch a new SW-NFT by consuming a certain amount of resources from two NFTs of the same race, which has the chance to inherit the excellent attributes and skills of its parent character, making the game full of possibilities. Players are rewarded with Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals (the game’s resource-based TOKEN) by completing tasks such as adventures, leveling, training and PK, and can also acquire SWPCs (the game’s governance-based TOKEN) in leveling and ranking matches. Two SW-NFTs of the same race can be upgraded to higher level SW-NFTs by consuming resources to improve their overall combat and resource producing abilities, and players can use good SW-NFTs to challenge more difficult levels for higher returns. SUPER WAR PET is developed based on the BSC chain and the game is available worldwide in March 2022.

Economic Model: Dual Tokens

Functional tokens ESTO: limited distribution (500 million), obtained by completing daily adventures, training, leveling and PK quests and exchanging them for fire, water and green crystals, which can be used to summon new SW-NFT or exchange in the market.

Governance Token SWPC: A limited number of tokens (58 million), mainly obtained through in-game leveling and various rankings, can be used to summon, hatch and synthesise more SW-NFT races.

SW-NFT Acquisition

1、Consume 50 USDT worth of equivalent ESTO & 5 USDT of equivalent SWPC to summon a SW-NFT

2、Two SW-NFT of the same race can hatch a new SW-NFT by consuming certain resources.

3. SW-NFT can also be obtained by exchanging them in the in-game exchange market

ESTO Benefits Sources

1. After winning the free selection of resource maps in Adventure mode, you will be rewarded with 50% of the resource capacity.

2. A Completion of the daily 5 levels of the leveling task in the breakthrough mode will be rewarded with 30% of the resource capacity.

3. A Completion of the daily 5 levels of the Cultivation Tower can be rewarded 10% of the resource capacity.

4. Winning 6 games per day (10 games per day for one war pet) through PK tournament will be rewarded with 10% of resource capacity.

All rewards are settled in Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals. 20% of each of the other two resources need to be burned to receive the reward of one of the crystals. Fire Crystals, Water Crystals and Green Crystals can be exchanged for ESTO at any time and exchanged for profit.


SWPC Benefit Resources

1. Cultivate more powerful SW-NFT to challenge more difficult levels to get SWPC rewards

2. Get SWPC rewards for top ranking in ranking tournaments

Game Advantages

1. The development team is highly professional, allowing players to enjoy a high quality visual and gaming experience.

2. SW-NFT is composed of multiple parts randomly, each SW-NFT is unique and has unlimited possibilities and highly free secondary market exchange value.

3. ESTO is issued in limited quantities and requires ESTO to be summoned. The amount of resources produced to exchange for ESTO will be based on the market price, so that ESTO can maintain a long-term stable coin price.

4. Built in NFT exchange system, unused SW-NFT or rare SW-NFT can be circulated in the exchange market for profit.

5. SWPC adopts an extreme deflation model, which constantly burns tokens during the flow to maintain the scarcity of circulation. The innovative ‘One Token, One Price’ market-making exchange algorithm ensures that SWPC will rapidly appreciate in value as the number of users grows.

The Core Values

1. Abundant and free NFT Settings: In addition to the limited number of officially issued native SW-NFT, players can also obtain SW-NFT through hatching, and the process of synthesis and upgrading constantly deflates the circulation of SW-NFT in the market to guarantee the scarcity of SW-NFT.

2. Versatility: SUPER WAR PET technology and operators will continue to expand the application of NFT scenarios, so that NFT can play a higher value.

3. Economic system: rigorous economic model design and numerical design, sustainable product development.

4. DAO: game programming is closely related to the gamers.

5. Breakout and Tournaments: the battles are interesting and strategically rich, enabling the creation of global tournaments.

DEFI Gameplay

The game will continue to develop more NFT game maps in the future. The development and input of the game maps will be done by the technology and users together, participants can put their SWPC or ESTO holdings into the base map development,. In the future, a portion of the game assets produced by the players in the new maps will be given back to the players who involved in the game construction as well as technology development.

Fun Blind Box Gameplay

In addition to users being able to open blind boxes directly in the game by consuming the equivalent value of ESTO and SWPC to obtain SW-NFT, the game will also open a fun blind box game, where users can also open blind boxes in the fun blind box section. Each blind box costs 50USDT equivalent value of ESTO, users have a 50% chance to obtain SW-NFT after participating (the return on investment in capacity is roughly 120 days and 300 The other 50% will fail and the loser will receive a refund of the principal amount of the participating assets and a 5% bonus. Those who receive SW-NFT can choose to activate it (paying 5 USDT worth of SWPC) or request a refund (losing 10% of assets, i.e. 45 USDT worth of ESTO is returned).

Follow-up Plan

The follow-up plan is mainly in the form of DAO to get players involved and contribute to the game together. At present, apart from the launch version, the project has also made a sustainable version iteration plan internally, which includes: better NFT usage scenarios, richer NFT development line, more interesting game play, etc.



Q: How can I earn money from the game?

A: By completing in-game daily tasks (including completing 5 breakout tasks; 10 adventure tasks; 5 cultivation tasks; 10 PK tasks) to produce game assets Fire Crystal, Water Crystal and Green Crystal, which can be exchanged for ESTO at any time and exchanged for profit, or by opening the blind box to obtain SW-NFT to continue to participate in the game to produce resources or sell them directly for profit. Players can also earn SWPC rewards by participating in ranked matches or challenging more difficult levels.

Q: How many types of NFTs does the game have and what are they used for?

A: At the moment there is only 1 type of NFT, SW-NFT, which is the basis for you to play the game. It is the only way to interact with the various battles in the game and produce ESTO tokens and SWPC tokens.

Q: Is there a difference between the SW-NFT for blind box extraction?

A: There is a difference. SW-NFT is divided into 25 races, each race has five levels: Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect. 25 races have five attributes: water, wood, fire, light and darkness, which can be added to each other after teaming up to restrain different opponents in battle.

Q: What is the difference between the five levels of Ordinary, Premium, Rare, Legendary and Perfect?

A: The combat ability is different and the resource gathering ability is different. The resource gathering ability of war pets is 0.3-3%/day of the input; for example, 0.3-0.8%/day for Ordinary war pets, 0.6-1%/day for Premium, 0.8-1.25%/day for Rare, 1-1.6%/day for Legendary and 1.6-2.5%/day for Perfect. Resource gathering ability In addition to level, players’ grouping strategy, resource selection and game responsiveness during the game are all important factors in determining output effectiveness.

Q: What are the rules by which Fire Crystals, Water Crystal stones and Green Crystals are produced?

A: There are four daily tasks in the game that produce three types of resources. Each resource collection requires a team of 3-5 war pets to complete, and each mission can be completed by the player’s own choice of resources collected Fire Crystal, Water Crystal , Green Crystal), and the acquisition of one of the resources requires the consumption of 20% of each of the other two resources to settle the acquisition.

Q: What is the role of SWPC tokens and ESTO tokens in the game?

A: Both ESTO and SWPC tokens are essential assets for SW-NFT summoning, hatching and synthesis upgrades.

Q: What is special about the NFT in this game?

A: The appearance, attributes and skills of all NFT characters are randomly combined by algorithms and genetic control, giving them a high degree of freedom and randomness, making them more valuable for collection and appreciation when circulating in the secondary market.

Q: What is the combat like in this game? What are the special features?

A: As a strategy-based turn-based elimination game, each SW-NFT has attribute bonuses and attribute restraints. Teaming strategies and players’ speed during the elimination rounds will directly affect the outcome of the battle.

Q: Does the game require a lot of manual handling? What is the difficulty level?

A: The elimination game is a casual game that has been popular for decades. It is not difficult to operate and you can get started in 5 minutes.

Q: What is the role of the guild in the game?

A: Guilds are an important part of the SUPER WAR PET marketing process. They are the Information disseminators of game strategies and the biggest beneficiaries of the SUPER WAR PET game ecosystem.