In 2020, worries about the depreciation of real assets prompted more investors and mainstream investment institutions to turn to crypto assets. In 2021, as the trading volume of cryptocurrency continues to rise, more and more mainstream institutions will use cryptocurrency as asset allocation, and the rising Token price will further boost the enthusiasm of investors.

On the one hand, the growth path of investors has also changed from the original “digging and selling” to a more complex trading strategy, which makes the market have more requirements on the price of transactions and asset types. On the other hand, due to the high volatility of the transaction price of crypto assets, there is a big difference between the transaction prices of the major platforms. If users want to trade at the optimal price, they need to search for price comparison on various platforms, and the price fluctuates in real time. The complexity of the process makes most users have to blindly accept the price provided by a trading platform and bear high transaction costs.

The Cactus Protocol development team is well aware of the current difficulties of crypto asset trading, and has launched the Cactus Protocol quantitative aggregation trading platform under the existing trading mode to help innovate the traditional trading market.

As a quantitative aggregation trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Cactus Protocol integrates the trading data of various platforms such as Coin Security, Huo Coin and OKEX. With massive data integration, Cactus Protocol breaks the information barrier and provides a solution paradigm for the asymmetry of transaction price information. Users can not only find more transaction pairs here, but also find better transaction prices with cheaper transaction fees. During trading, Cactus Protoco can help you automatically calculate the optimal price and the path of the lowest sliding point with its deeper trading depth, so that users can save money, worry and time.

In addition, on the basis of the advantages of aggregation transaction itself, Cactus Protoco’s quantitative transaction model is also particularly interesting. Its quantitative model is formed by accumulating millions of market transaction data, with strong adaptability to market conditions and accurate transaction decisions. Such scientific detection and calculation can, to a certain extent, overcome the weaknesses of human nature, such as greed, fear, fluke psychology, and reduce the chance of blindly chasing up and blindly copying the bottom caused by cognitive bias.

In the current market situation where the liquidity value of the encryption market is highlighted and the demand is growing day by day, Cactus Protocol provides multiple possibilities for the promotion of market liquidity through aggregation and quantitative solutions. The top QEX model and the “human-computer cooperation” of elite trading teams ensure that Cactus Protocol has the investment ability that is superior to the industry. According to the back test, it still has a proud trading performance in the past few years under the market turmoil. I believe that Cactus Protocol will be able to attract more loyal users with high-quality services in the future, become the next trading giant, and innovate the traditional trading market!!