MetaTrads is an emerging dark horse in the NFT trading platform. With the improvement of MetaTrads’ popularity, MetaTrads’ ecosystem has achieved sound development, and the building of MetaTrads’ platform reputation has been put on the agenda. The MetaTrads team has a lot to say about how MetaTrads builds its reputation.


First, adhere to the principle of the user. The principle of the user first is the core of the word-of-mouth construction of the MetaTrads platform. The platform experience includes many aspects, which largely determine the stickiness of users and even the expansion of the user base. MetaTrads always uphold the concept of the user first and attaches great importance to user experience, especially in the quality control of NFT. MetaTrads strictly checks the quality of core business NFT projects. The team’s review mechanism of NFT can keep junk projects out and ensure the value of NFT in the hands of users. The MetaTrads team has also made great innovations on the technical level in terms of the smoothness of the chain and the stability of the platform.


Second, do a good job in user education, and lower the threshold of use. NFT development is still in its early stage, a lot of people know about its not enough, even if want to know, to participate, as the global language and culture and the difference in thinking modes and the lack of all kinds of network media, the higher the threshold of the remains, MetaTrads technical team and marketing team overcome difficult, above the using method of the platform and laminating the use of preferences, also through a variety of media publicity to let users in-depth understanding of the platform’s gameplay and the use of rules, is committed to user education, gradually reduce the threshold of the use of the platform, to achieve user engagement and the increase of the base, so that NFT is not just a small circle of games.


Third, maintain the brand advantage value. In today’s NFT boom, MetaTrads has unique advantages. First, the platform of MetaTrads has a daily fee increasing mechanism, which greatly increases the brush cost of speculators, ensures the fairness of trade mining, and effectively prevents the chaos of NFT invalid transactions and single brush volume. Second, the NFT liquidity on the promoting of platform trading a reward mechanism of mining, users in the trading of MT and USDT award at the same time, as well as the preferential fee, let the user activity is greatly increased, in the case of general secondary market liquidity is not enough, MetaTrads platform of NFT in the secondary market liquidity advantage is obvious. The third is the value mechanism of NFT cards. MetaTrads starts the NFT synthetic scarcity guarantee mechanism. By using NFT cards of different star levels to open the profit gap between trade mining, users are attracted to synthesize a large number of advanced cards, so that the number of NFTs in circulation is greatly reduced, and its value rises steadily and reasonably.

Therefore, the MetaTrads model brings users the ultimate experience of asset appreciation. MetaTrads has immeasurable room for growth. In a positive ecological environment, NFT works appreciate steadily, fair trade mining users get a steady stream of revenue, and MT continues to appreciate. In the user group, the good reputation attracts more users to join, the platform trading volume keeps rising, the platform fee income increases, the platform becomes a more powerful large platform, and the number of users continues to increase, forming a snowball moving benign closed loop.


Fourth, do a good job in brand word-of-mouth publicity. In this era, wine is also deeply afraid of the alley, and the true power of technology can only be counted as the foundation of the building. To make the house comfortable, it is necessary to carry out exquisite decorations. Similarly, MetaTrads also needs to build word of mouth through commercial promotion. Promote the advantages of the MetaTrads platform through the introduction of various media, to enhance the channels for expanding new users and accumulating loyal users for the platform. Now, the MetaTrads team has carried out a series of marketing activities through media publicity, cooperation, and promotion with traditional artists or well-known enterprises, which has been warmly received in the market.


MetaTrads is bound to be a rising star due to its reasonable value mechanism and existence mechanism and reputation building. You missed Binance and OpenSea five years ago, are you going to miss the opportunity to grow with MetaTrads now? Who’s to say MeteTrads isn’t the next 10, 000-fold project to soar.